Wednesday, August 06, 2008

At Grandma Marge's I get sick

The trip from Clinton, IA to Bagley, WI took us through Dubuque. We crossed and re-crossed the Mississippi several times today.

The bridges were pretty and downtown Dubuque looked nice.

Here's the rest stop on The Wisconsin side of the boarder. A couple of the girls want to pose with Buckey the Badger.

We got to Marge's cabin in the late afternoon.

We arrived at Bagley, WI on the evening of Aug 6th. We stayed at Kristi's Mom's cabin. Marge has been kind of like a mom-away-from-home to Mary ever since she was in boarding school at MLPS. (Martin Luther Prep School, Prairie DuChien, WI)

Marge has a cabin on the Mississippi in a nice backwater. She took in all 11 of us for a couple of days.

I don't remember too much of the time because I had a high fever, chills, and was sweating all the time in bed. I do remember Marge's kindness.

She took the kids fishing, swimming, and had evening camp-fires with the kids. She and Mary did our wet dirty laundry and dried out our soaked camping equipment.

Thank you Marge. I'm sorry I was so sick while I was there.

Donna has a lot of little spots on her. We think it's mosquito bites, but.... well, it's starting to look like chicken pox.


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