Friday, August 22, 2008

From Vacation to Matthew's Birthday

This post is backdated. I actually wrote it on Sept. 5th, so some of my recollection may be incorrect.

First, we got home late Sunday night on Aug. 17th. Monday 8/18 was a day of recovery from the drive.

I tried checking on Naomi H. to see how she was doing with her pregnancy, but couldn't get in contact with her.

We got the tents set up so we could clean them out for storage. We spent a lot of time putting the camping equipment away.

I have to say that I'm glad we tented and had times when we were staying with friends in their houses. I think I like camping again. Usually camping for me means rain (since 1989--somebody remind me later to tell you all about the Custer State Park, SD camping trip).

We had 2 mornings when we had rain. Of course one was while we were packing up at Coleta, IL and going to Marge's cabin. But even that was kind of fun-though I was sick through the time of our visit with Marge. I wish I could have spent more time talking with you, Marge. Thank you so much for taking care of us and me so well.

Tuesday, Aug 19th, I went to Crookston early in the morning so I could be there for Gloria R. Gloria has had severe pain for a long time with a shoulder rotator cuff problem. This morning she was having a shoulder replacement surgery. The surgery went fairly well. Only one problem. Gloria's Osteoporosis had made the bone of her shoulder blade soft enough that using physical screws to attach the replacement was not possible. The surgeon opted to use a contact/super cement. Gloria's daughters and I took the news fairly well. We hope that Gloria could have a good recovery. But Gloria won't be able to use her arm to lift anything weighing more than her purse (she doesn't have a big purse).

Please keep Gloria and her family in your prayers.

Also, that day while I was arriving in Crookston my breaks began to squeak and lock. I stopped at a friend's auto shop. He apologized to me for the expense after I got back from the hospital. I was happy that my car worked.

When I got home I checked on Naomi and Nancy. I couldn't get Nancy or her husband. I called the hospital about Naomi and found her.

Wednesday, I think, I went into Thief River Falls to see Naomi and her new baby boy. Let me brag for her about one really significant point of his birth.

His name is Carter. He weighed 11 pounds and 11 ounces.


Labor was 1 and a half hours.

They are both doing well. And Carter's father is beaming with happiness.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Thursday I stopped at Nancy T's. Nancy was doing very well at that time. She had chemotherapy the day before (I think), so the effects would hit her soon. Nancy was very interested in any news from her friends, family, and congregation. We talked for a short while and had devotion with the Lord's Supper.

Please keep Nancy and Gene in your prayers with their family.

Thurs eve we had Ladies' Aid at OP. I was informed that Leonard R. died this past Monday and that our neighbor, Robert R., passed away a week and a half ago--while we were on vacation.

Friday, August 22, is Matthew's birthday. Matthew is our $110 thousand dollar boy. He was born premature, and we are thankful that God had worked out insurance, location, hospital, doctors, and nurses at the time.

This boy would have died his second night out of the womb except for what God provided through Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL.

Some of you who don't have much experience in having and raising children might wonder about my $100 Thousand dollar description about Matthew.

The actual bills that we dealt with through our insurance (VEBA--at the time) included $89,000 for the life support bed that Matt was in.

I'll get back to the point. We are grateful to God for all our children. Each one is special and precious. Matthew went through some extremely dramatic things with his premature birth.

Mary and I don't deserve to have him. We thank God for His providential grace to allow us to keep Matthew these past 14 years. And we thank Him for all our children, their good health, and the simple good fun we have in playing with them and teaching them.

God Bless, I'll try to fill in on what's been going on up here, way up North.

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