Saturday, August 16, 2008

Evenings at Char and Dave's

Just a last note here about our stay at Char and Dave's home.

Char and Dave are our kids' sponsors and guardians. We've known them since the late 1980s. And we're so glad that God placed us together in this life.

So the evenings were either having a campfire or watching Michael Phelps win a gold medal.

Dave has a "Port-a-pit": a large foam block made for pole-vaulters to land on. So the kids have been playing on that in the back yard. I did a foreward flip. I landed ok. I did a backward flip, I landed on my shoulder. Ouch. John scraped his elbow. He wanted a photo to show how tough he is.

The fire-pit had a pretty big radius, so I cut some longish marshmallow roasting sticks. They were between 8 and 12 feet long. The kids liked them.

One evening I put a copper pipe stuffed with a chunk of garden hose into the fire. It gave off beautiful green, blue, magenta, and purple flames for quite a while.

Char, Dave, Madeline, Henry, and Grace, thank you for a really nice time. It was great to be with you this week.

In the morning we'll have church with Char and Dave and then head home after church.

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