Monday, August 04, 2008

Coleta, IL

We joined the Coleta Sportsmen's Club. Thanks to Tim Pritchard and Bob Apple for their hospitality.

We met Steve and Sarah S. and their boys there. We camped, had camp fires, fished, shot handguns, and used the archery range. There was boating and bullfrogs (if you could catch them)

The kids all seemed to get along. They tended to either have water fights or sit around in a big circle in the bug screen and trade stories.

So thanks to the Coleta Sportsmen's Club for a nice facility and a nice place to stay.

Steve and Sarah took off Sunday evening. We took off on Monday morning (it rained heavily while we were packing).

We had breakfast in Clinton, IA and went up to Bagley, WI to see Marge at her cabin.

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