Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Char and Dave take good care of us

Char and Dave's kids have a Wii. Guess what all the kids wanted to play with this week?

This is the first time we've been at this house. They bought it a couple of years ago. It's big, it's nice, and it has a great porch.

So Dave and I jammed together on the porch and in the living room. (He's got a Gretsch--truth be told, I am a bit envious--shame on me.)

Mary was trying to help out one day. Dave thought she should relax on her vacation so he told her to "Embrace her inner Sloth."

Char had everything covered for food and all. It was a wonderfully relaxing time.

Louisa, Madeline, and Elsie kept good company with eachother. Matthew and Henry had fun getting reacquainted.

And I put this photo here just to annoy Louisa.

Love ya, Louisa.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we go to an amusement park in Green Bay.

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