Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, WI

Thursday we went to the Bay Beach Amusement Park.

There were a couple of rides that required two tickets to ride on them, but most were only 1 ticket. And the tickets were 25 cents each.

The giant slide is 100 feet long.

Stella, Grace, and Sophie on the Boats.

Grace and Stella shooting each other on the Sky Fighter.

At the top are John, Dave, and Henry.

The interior of the Pavilion-Dance Hall.

John, Stella, and Sophie on the Helicopters.

Madeline and Elsie on the Yo-Yo

Stella, Donna, and Grace on the Dave powered scooter.

Stella and John on the Race Cars.

An external shot of the Pavilion where Al (I'm-full-of-greenhouse-gass) Gore spoke last year.

The Bay.

Riding on the train.

A very nice day. Thanks, Char and Dave.

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Anonymous said...


Missed y'all by one day! My family and I were up at Bay Beach on Friday! (almost got sick on the twirling swing - I am such a wimp!)