Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Visits and a new Bow

Tuesday morning Mary went off with 4 of the kids to GF for a Homeschool curricula exhibition and to take the kids shopping for clothes.

In the morning I worked on a bow I'm making out of cedar from my dad's farm. There are a lot of knots in the wood. It's tricky and I'm not that experienced to do well yet. But if you don't try you don't learn on something like this.

Joel S. yes, you read right and thank you.

I took Stella with me in the afternoon on rural shut-in visits. I picked up a couple of our kids who had gone over to Alyssa's to play with their kids. We brought back two kittens. If they survive the little kids and the fox in our area they should be good mousers.

When I got home I got a roast prepared and baking.

Matt got home from work. Mary and the kids got home sometime around 6pm.

I called Dan T. to inquire about his mom.

Wednesday morning I went to GF to see Nancy T. When I got there she was having a bone scan. Nancy has had cancer two times previously. Most recently in 2003. This is what we think we know: She has cancerous nodes throughout her liver, it looks like it has gotten into her bones, and is affecting her peritoneal cavity. She started chemo-therapy today. Her hemoglobin is low, so she will have a transfusion to build that up. Gene, Dan, and Debbie were there and we had good conversation and a devotion for Nancy and her family.

What is her prognosis? I think the phrase "cautiously optimistic" covers what the doctors were saying. They might be able to diminish the cancer effectively, but what Dan said is that they don't think it's curable. She will have three weeks of chemo with a week off, then more chemo. They will evaluate the effectiveness of the chemo in 4-6 weeks. Nancy may come home tomorrow (Thursday), but she'll continue to go to GF for her treatments every week.

I got home after noon. Did some work on the wedding sermon for this Saturday and the regular worship sermon for Saturday and Sunday.

Please keep Nancy, her family, and the rest of our members in your prayers.

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