Monday, July 14, 2008

Lyle and Muriel, and Nancy

Lyle and Muriel have faced a great many medical challenges over the years that I've known them. And they faced several before I came into this parish. I'm sure that Muriel wouldn't want a big expose on the problems that they faced plastered all over the web. So I won't go into any details except to say that Lyle was having some more problems and was at a hospital in Bemidji where they were working on getting him the right medication.

Muriel called me in the afternoon on Wednesday. Lyle passed away. He ate a good dinner, sat down in an easy-chair and then a while later passed away peacefully. I went over to Muriel's home right away. Some family and life-long friends were gathering. I came back later in the evening and stayed until I was sure her daughter had arrived safely.

Thursday we met at the funeral home in Oklee to make arrangements.

Friday we had wild thunderstorms while we waited for the camp children to come home. The mortician brought Lyle to the church for visitation that evening, just before the hail and rain started to fall. It wasn't a lot of hail, but the stones were large and they hurt while we were unloading things for the visitation.

The campers got home safely. Mary picked them up at Battle Lake, MN and brought them all the way up US59 through the thunderstorms and the tornado at Mahnomen.

It was a large gathering for the visitation. Full house at Oak Park.

I made 350 bulletins for the service on Saturday.

Saturday we had no church at Mt. Olive. The second Saturday in July is the Gonvick rodeo. Mt. Olive hosts a bake sale at the Rodeo. Our family still hasn't made it to the Rodeo. Last year I had hospital calls that took precedence-plus a very pregnant wife who was about to pop any time.

By the way, all you who really care but haven't heard yet: Number 10 is in the oven. Mary seems to be doing ok. The baby is due in December, some time. That reminds me, we've been changing diapers now for 15 years. Most of that with at least 2 kids in diapers. I'm pretty good at it now. But I didn't learn that skill in Seminary or Graduate School.

So, we held the Funeral at Oak Park Saturday morning. We ran out of bulletins a half-an-hour before the service. My kids sang "Children of the Heavenly Father." Nancy T. played for the hymns, Gene A. sang the Lord's Prayer, with Gillene L. accompanying. (Obituary)

It was a really nice family reunion for the Mandts, Lundeens, Magnells and all the rest. I was glad to see Scott S., with whom I went to school at Bethany. I hope that he and his family can enjoy the rest of their vacation. The reunion after the funeral went into the late afternoon.

My parents arrived for a weekend visit in the afternoon. It was really good to have them here.

I got dad to try out the .44 Magnum. He shot it once. That was enough. Oh, yes, he hit the target neatly.

Saturday evening I got a phone call from Dan T. His mother, Nancy T (the organist) was admitted to the hospital in Grand Forks for gall bladder problems. She wouldn't be able to play in the morning.

Sunday, Service at St. Petri (Tami S. plays organ at St. Petri), but services at Nazareth and Oak Park were without organist. I brought my recorder flute to play the melodies then we sang a capella. Holly V. played during the offering and postlude music. Thank you, Holly. Holly's 11 years old, I think.

I called the hospital after church. Gene (Nancy's husband) said that it might not be gall stones or the like. The doctors were planning a biopsy for Monday afternoon. Would I come Monday morning? Yes.

Sunday evening Dean H. dropped off some garden radishes and the Naz. Ladies' Aid schedule for the year (from his wife, Naomi). Thanks Dean and Naomi.

Monday morning Mom and Dad went home. I went to GF.

When I got to GF they were getting Nancy ready for the Biopsy. They moved her surgery up because of a cancellation. We had a short devotion and I waited with Gene, Dan, and her daughter Debbie.

The results won't be ready for 2 days. We are concerned. Nancy had cancer 3 years ago. This March her oncologist had checked her out and she tested fine. But from April to the present she seems to have gotten weaker and to have been having considerable pain.

Please keep Muriel and her family in your prayers. And please keep Nancy and her family in your prayers.

I left GF, went to TR to deposit the paycheck, then to Oklee to pick up a 1/2 of a hog from the meat locker (thanks, Jaime).

I kind of fizzled the rest of the evening.

Mary goes to GF in the morning for a Home School curriculum show. She'll stop by to visit Nancy with some of our kids. Since tomorrow is a long day waiting for results, which probably won't be ready until Wed morning, the visit might be a fun distraction for her.

I've got shut-in visits in the morning too, and possibly a hospital visit in the evening.

I'm really glad my 93 Ford Escort gets 40mpg.

I'm doing a count here for my own purposes (a blog is a useful place for my own memory).

In the past three weeks we've had a triple bypass, congestive heart failure, a heart attack, surgery to remove infection, and two deaths. That's not counting three different eye surgeries (which I didn't go to) and three home visits for pastoral reasons, several shut-in visits, and the fourth of July festivities.

Pastoring, It ain't the slow life. And it sure ain't boring.

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A Stafford said...

This Sunday I was also without an organist at one of my congregations, as was the case also last week, since our organist recently had foot surgery and is unable to drive. After a service in which I accompanied the hymns on piano, one of my members asked, "Pastor, don't we have tapes with hymns on them anymore?"
So much for my trying to at least have "live music" as opposed to "canned"!
Since you mention that an 11 yr old played the prelude, postlude,& offertory, you might want to encourage Oak Park to purchase "Favorite Hymns", 3 part settings of Lutheran Hymns by MLC Prof. Otto Schenk. This it what I play out of-- they are easy to intermediate. Volumes 1,2, and 4 cover most hymn tunes, vol. 3 is specific to the CW liturgy. For those hymns in ELH not covered in those volumes, Schenk also produced a 3 Part Hymn Settings book for ELH available from the BLC bookstore.
A good hymn accompaniment CD set is available from CPH, with an excellent organist on a pipe organ. Our Savior's Roseau has a copy, as well as St. Paul Lengby, and First Evanger, Fertile, if you'd like to hear it.

In other news, Monday night, Solveig, Jonah, and I went fishing at Spring Lake in Lengby off the same dock as we used with you and Johnny a couple weeks ago-- the one without any side rails. After Jonah and I had caught 4 fish, and Solveig 6 fish, Solveig cast to the right of the dock and proceeded to step off the dock and into the lake. Fortunately, she is a strong swimmer and soon came up to the surface and I helped pull her back on the dock. She had dropped her new Zebco 33 into the water. After I had tried in vain to reach the bottom of the lake with my arm to retrieve the pole, Solveig noticed that the line was still partially on the dock. So I was able to pull the pole out of the lake by its fishing line. Solveig was absolutely drenched from head to toe and swallowed a bit of lake water, which disgusted her a bit.

Well, anyway, we've used all the night crawlers that you purchased for us to use with you back in early June! Amy was getting pretty anxious for me to get those things out of the refrigerator.