Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thursday Mary, Sophie, and I went to Oklee to get our van's windshield washer hoses repaired.

The van is old (1995) and the hoses broke when we had the transmission replaced last winter to spring.

We ended up spending a few hours in town, going from the lumber yard to the few merchants in town.

We ended up at the playground so Sophie could have fun and we could sit, read, and wait.

I took a few bizzarre photos of the playground equipment. I thought they were kind of "artsy". (which rhymes with....)

But both Mary and I thought the merry go round was wonderfully painted, aged and worn. Sophie loved it.

Jonie B. saw us at the playground and stopped by for a nice conversation. I can't remember if I've mentioned my daughter, Louisa's, fascination with hunting. She wants to hunt alligator. We have three predators in our area. The least is the dog (coyote or wolf). Next is the she-bear. The baddest is the cougar. We have CRP land next to our home. So very often I'll carry a handgun simply because there are cougar in our area. Cougar hunt. Maybe it's just my own paranoia and affection towards hand guns. But I don't want to be caught at a disadvantage if one of these predators happens upon my children.

So when Louisa told me that she wanted to hunt alligators I was both pleased and scared. A few days later Louisa and I were washing dishes and a news report on the radio mentioned a young man who lost his arm to an alligator. After shooting 20 alligators they found his arm, but it was too messed up to be reattached. After the new report Louisa and I looked at each other. She said, "I still want to hunt alligators, Dad."

Well, that was in the past few days. We talked with Joni about the bear hunting on their property and many other things. Thank you, Joni, for stopping to spend time with us.

The van was done. Here's the irony. Cost for repairs $6. Cost for filling the fuel tank $105. Thank you, Scott, for fixing the wiper tubes.

In the evening I was working on sermons for the coming five weeks. The kids knocked frantically at my office door.

The reason they knocked was that a horse and carriage was coming down the road. Uff-da. The traffic on this road by our home has increased dramatically since they remade the road into a 9 ton roadbed.

Tandem gravel trucks, large semi-tractors with freight, and now horse-drawn wagons. What next?

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