Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hospital, Home, Church, and Family

We're still waiting for Al Gore's Global Warming to take place. What a wonderful idea. Mostly we've had nights in the low to mid 50s F.

I'm trying to get some ginger root to grow, but we've been too cold for it to want to do much. And the pathetic thing is that when it gets into the 80s during the day, we sweat and think it's soooo hot.

The corn disagrees. It hasn't been hot. If it had been hot the corn would be much taller.

But the weather is pretty.

We tried out a couple of canopies in preparation for our vacation. This is the one we chose. We found out that it needs the anchor cords tied down to withstand a 10mph or higher wind. But it works very well to allow us to cook in a moderate rain.

As we were setting up our canopy tents so were Becky and Nate's families.

Thursday, Nancy didn't get home. She didn't get home 'til the weekend. I worked on sermons for a wedding, the weekend, and the three Sundays we'll be on vacation in August.

Friday, more sermon work a wedding rehearsal at Jim and Lori's farm for Nate and Becky's wedding. We went through the flow of the service 4 times. I think everyone understands what happens when. Then home to pick up Mary for the Groom's dinner.

The Groom's dinner was a nice night out at the Evergreen in TR. The cook, Jane, did an excellent job preparing gluten free food for me. We got home fairly late, and the older kids did a great job taking care of the younger.

Saturday we had Worship and Sat. School at Mt. Olive. I had to cancel one home visit because there was too much going on and I was fatigued. Sat. Evening we had Nate and Becky's wedding outside, in the only sunshine during a gloomy rainy day.

Kelly, the wine you made for the wedding was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by the different fruits and flavors you mixed.

There's another wedding coming up the weekend after Labor Day at Nazareth. That one is for Aric and Erica. Please keep Becky and Nate, and Aric and Erica in your prayers.

I went home before Mary and the kids came home. I have to preach in the morning.

Nancy came home Saturday afternoon. She's recuperating from her chemotherapy. As anyone who has had chemo or knows someone who has had chemo, it really takes a toll on a person. Please keep Nancy in your prayers.

Sunday, Worship at St. Petri, Nazareth, and Oak Park. After church at Oak Park a girl rode by on horseback as church was getting out.

Of course, Clara, my daughter, is out there talking to the girl on the horse. Clara love's horses. Sophie was out there asking questions too.

We don't have any property. So we can't really keep horses as pets or work-animals. But Clara keeps asking.

Sunday afternoon I stopped by at Nancy's for Communion and a visit. Talking with her and Gene as they go through this, as with Darrow and Shirley, and Alan and Yvonne, and others, is always humbling. Knowing and facing the ultimate consequence of the Fall of Adam and Eve they have resolute hope in Christ as the Savior and the Resurrection. But more than that, they know that whatever happens, Christ is in control and will use them for their benefit and the benefit of others by their testimony in these times of trial.

May God grant us all such faith and wisdom.


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