Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hilda's Funeral

Backdating another post.

June 30th we had visitation for Hilda's family and friends in Fosston. July 1st we held her funeral at Vernes Lutheran Church. Thank you to the congregation for letting us use their facility.

Just after the committal service, during which I sunburned my scalp, we saw a large white-tail buck with velveted antlers run through the field across the road from the cemetery.

I took some of my kids with to the funeral. At the church they spotted a lot of gophers.

Of course, they wanted me to take a picture.

We went to Hilda's house after the funeral to visit with the family for a while. The kids liked the farm a lot. Lots to explore. We went down to the dock; saw a big bullhead looking for a meal.

Please keep Hilda's family in your prayers. I posted her obit on the wordpress blog. The link is over on the left side of the page.

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