Friday, July 04, 2008

The Fourth (evening)

Backdating again. Thursday we went to Lengby so Louisa could practice swimming for camp. We met up with the Staffords and had a good time.

Amy Stafford has been keeping a blog about their adoption of a little girl from India. Things are looking good so far.

We came home for supper.

On the Fourth when the sun went down we went over to Jaime and Laura's family fireworks.

I wish my batteries hadn't been lame. I only got a few photos. But thanks to Jaime and their whole family for a wonderful time. The mosquitoes weren't so bad if you stayed in the smoke.

We got home very late. And I had church in the morning.

I know I did several visits that week too, but I'd have to dig out my pocket calendar to get the right names and dates. The calendar is up at the house.

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