Friday, July 04, 2008

The Fourth of July Parade

Today we went to Plummer for their Fourth of July Parade. (more pics here)

I made sure to put sunscreen on all the little ones. We sat between the two Lutheran Churches.

And the kids took home about 3 gallons of candy.

There was a lot of candy thrown to the viewers.

Then, after the parade, we meandered around town to take in the different antique shows. There were old tractors, old threshers, old horse carts, old cars, old trucks, old people reminiscing about when these old things were the newest and best. There was old candy still on the hot tar in the hot sun. There was my John picking up and unwrapping a sticky, tar covered specimen and about to put it in his mouth.

We meandered around trying to find Matthew and Louisa. It was a while before we found the flea-market. We saw a lot of people.

Finally we met up with the kids. Louisa was going over to Jaime and Laura's, later wed go over to their place for the fireworks.

I bought a high-chair at the flea-market. Hey, Shawn, they had this action figure of "The Rock" I thought that $3 was a bit steep. So I didn't get it for you.

Yep, they had free rides for the kids. This is what the midway looks like in Plummer.

Can't beat that, can you?

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