Thursday, July 17, 2008

First, the Bows

The cedar stave broke at the third knot from the top. I should have been more careful bracing the bow because of the knots.

I'll try to rescue the good part by gluing another limb from the same stave. I've never done that before either. The wood was free. So it's time to learn.

This really is a beautiful piece of wood. I hope that I can learn enough to make it a serviceable bow.

I've also been working on other bows. This one has red oak limbs from a door-jamb; a walnut handle; and cedar knocks.

This was also an experiment to see if I could make something from pre-cut lumber.

The tiller is nice. I discovered that Tightbond II is a much better glue than Gorilla glue.

The bow pulls about 20# at 28". With the home-made jute fiber string it casts pretty well for a kid's bow.

It's a little large for the smaller framed, like John. But the proportions of the bow to his body aren't dissimilar to those of some archers in the Amazon.

And since John doesn't have big enough lungs to use our blow-guns, perhaps he'll be happy with this and the other lower poundage bows I've made.

It seems that whenever I go out to practice with my bows a quick report of it goes out to the kids and they want to shoot too.

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