Sunday, June 22, 2008

While Mom's Away

Mary and Donna were to come back on the 23rd. When I got home from dropping her off the kids had set up a slip-and-slide in the front yard.

Thursday evening Jeremy, Matt, and I went to Firearms class. I taught. Matt just wanted to come along for fun. Louisa and Elsie took care of the rest at home, and they did a good job.

On the way to class I found out that Juell C. had been admitted to the hospital with heart problems. I stopped by to check in on him. He seemed to be doing fairly well, and would probably be released the next day. The problem is Congestive Heart. And Juell was released Friday evening.

Friday evening at supper I had to run to Grand Forks to the hospital. Edwin O. was having a heart attack. The doctors were able to prevent a full blown heart attack. Edwin would probably be in hospital for the next day or two. He did get home on Sunday (I think it was).

Saturday we had worship at Mt. Olive with Sat. School. Sunday three worship services.

After the last service the 8 kids and I went to the Pennington Sportsmens' Club for range day in Jeremy's firearms class.

Jeremy did well.

Louisa, Matt, Elsie, and the rest did well at finding things to do while I taught. But when I took a picutre, Louisa tried to look bored to death. Teenage girls!

But the kids, the students, and their folks enjoyed the meal. Another member of one of my congregations, Noah B., was in the class this session. His family and ours are practically a happy extended family when it comes to spending time together. And I'm glad of that.

We got home after a long day. Tired kids. Tired Dad. Bedtime was pretty easy.

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