Thursday, June 05, 2008

Partial Day off

Thursday was a kind-of day off. I still had to do sermon prep for a while. In the afternoon Mary and I went for a walk on a DNR plot near Senator LeRoy A. Stumpf's place. He has a vineyard there: Two Fools Vineyard.

But we didn't pay a visit to him. Instead we enjoyed a walk in the wild on this DNR hunting ground.

While we were there we found some anthills bigger than us.

I just saw the new Indian Jones movie with Matt and Elsie. I didn't get the heebee-geebees during the ant scenes. So I had Mary pose by one anthill. When we were getting into the car we noticed that we had dozens of woodticks crawling all over each of us. Now I had the heebee-geebees. It took several days to stop reacting to each tickle.

During VBS week Mary made butter.

This was her first time at trying to do this. We have a Kitchen-Aid mixer that did the work. Let me tell you, if you romanticize about the "Good Old Days" just try making butter by hand--without electricity. We buy good, organic, raw milk. We skim about a pint of cream off each gallon. And it is good.

But to whip that cream into It takes a long time. The taste is wonderful. But I'm glad we've got electrical tools to do the work.

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