Friday, June 27, 2008

Hilda and some normalcy

Normalcy is when your family is together making all the noise and mayhem they usually do. Donna craves the piano. I hope she sticks to it.

Of course I managed to forget a load of towels in the washing machine. Drat! I wanted them to be done when Mary got home. Now they stink and have to be bleached and rewashed. Bad dad.

Muriel dropped off some rhubarb sauce and a birthday cake for Mary when Mary was gone.

When Mary got back we took the cake out of the freezer and celebrated her birthday again. Thank you, Muriel.

Alyssa helped me clean the office. And guess what. I found a $100 check to me. I guess it pays to clean the office once in a while.

Thanks Alyssa. I should ask you what your percentage is.

The kids like parties, and they like cake. So it wasn't hard to convince them to sing Happy Birthday to mom one more time.

It's Red Lake County Fair time so all the kids were working on their projects.

I did some visits, Mary dropped off the kids' projects at the fair in Oklee.

Wed. evening Stephany S. called. Her mother, Hilda S. had died in a car crash. I went over to see Stephany, Dean, Larry and Mary at their Mom's home.

The funeral was set for July 1st.

While the kids have said it's been hot, the truth is that we have had a very cool spring and early summer. They're just so used to the cold temperatures that 80 degrees seems hot.

This didn't come through really as good as I'd hoped. But we've had some tremendously beautiful sunsets this past couple of weeks.

Please keep Hilda S.'s family in your prayers.

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