Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cold, wet week

There has been no shortage of cold wet weather up here. I had to take a photo of blue sky while I could get it. The photo lasts longer.

So, it's a real struggle to plant our garden in the mud and rain.

It also makes us all a bit stir-crazy, being bottled up in the house like it's winter.

My thanks to Al Gore for this global warming. I just wish that I didn't have to use my furnace in June to keep the temperature above 50 degrees in the house at night.

And it's been an interesting Spring for seeing wildlife. The cold and wet has changed the places where the animals are willing to roam.

These Sandhill Cranes were just 20 feet off our yard in Greg's field. They yelled at me when I took the photo. But they were loud, but they weren't in any hurry to go away.

Sunday I developed a migraine during the last two services. 2 Advil, 2 Tylenol, do your job, Joe, and quit whining.

Regarding the wildlife, the jackrabbits are quite active right now; as are the jackalope and the antler-rats (white tail deer). The white tail deer is called an Antler-rat because it's over abundant and--like the rats of the Bubonic Plague, they are spreading Bovine TB in our area. Yes, they are a beautiful animal, and they are a wonderful food source. But driving home last night I counted about 3 dozen out by the road in 24 miles.

This week I've been teaching Firearms Safety classes to a new batch of kids. My son, Jeremy, is taking this particular course. It's fun to have him as a student in a context other than homeschool or confirmation class.

I have to mention that my son, John (4 1/2yo) loves to be terrified by spiders. I'm not sure if he's really scared of them, or if he just likes the feeling and attention he gets from being scared of them.

Well, this one got him good. We do have some larger spiders in our area. But this was big enough for John. (get the ear-plugs out)

As we see more wild-life, we'll take photos (if we can).

Coming home from Firearms Safety class last night, after we dropped Noah off at his house, Jeremy and I saw a black bear next to the road by the woods near Noah's place.

Cool! Not really big, probably under 300 pounds. But we let Noah's family know so they could spread the word to their neighbors.

Thursday noon and afternoon I had a meeting in Fertile, Minnesota.

Jeremy had an impression to do. This is in the spirit of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Here Jeremy is a tall live dude.

Friday the 13th, Mary's birthday. I'll keep you posted.

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