Sunday, June 01, 2008

Circuit #8 Lay Meeting in Audubon

Mom and Dad went home sometime Sunday morning. I had worship at St. Petri, Oak Park, and Nazareth.

When I got home after Nazareth we had a quick dinner and packed up to go to Audubon. That city is about 100 miles away.

Today was the general meeting of the Northern Minnesota Circuit of the E.L.S. (Circuit #8).

The guest speaker was Dr. David Menton. from the Creation research group called Answers in Genesis.

His presentation was titled "Implications of Evolutionists: Should the Christian Make Peace with Darwin?” His answer to the question was basically "No!" The answer is based on the fact that acceptance of Darwinian Evolution contradicts the Scriptural Doctrine of Original Sin.

After the presentation there was a question and answer period that was very useful.

Then we all settled down to a Norwegian Lutheran tradition: The potluck.

"Potluck" means that the families (understand "women from the local congregation") prepared a dinner in some systematic way that was delicious for everyone who attended.

On the way home I got a nice photo of the Sioux Oil company building in (I think) Callaway, Minnesota.

Vacation Bible School starts in the morning-Monday June 2 through 4th.

More next post.

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