Friday, May 02, 2008

Yeah, it's been several days. Go ahead, complain....

I'm going to start back last Saturday, with the snowstorm. Some of you got some jollies out of the "Really, Really Bad Preacher" video. There are more where that came from. Maybe I'll put up the video on the church growth guy some time.

So church was canceled at Mt. Olive. Randy M. called on Sat. to tell me that it was pretty apparent to everyone that Nazareth couldn't have worship on Sunday. The reason being that the road Naz. is on is one of the last roads plowed ever. EVER! in this county.

So Sunday I have only 2 worship services at which I need to officiate. Really, this is kind of a vacation without being able to go anywhere. St. Petri did not cancel. So I drove there through the drifts. Kyle N. (who plows out the Oak Park parking lot--and does a great job clearing our driveway as well) said that this is the most snow in one storm that we've had all winter. I believe him. There are drifts 4' and 5' deep. But it's supposed to be spring!

My parents and my oldest son got here safely on Friday, though with a bit of trial on the road. Through the drifts I went and held worship at St. Petri up in Grygla, MN. The snow seemed to be a little bit less north of county ditch 20. There were a lot of deer walking around on the road that morning. Does any one remember the game "Frogger"?

I got to Oak Park a bit late because the roads were so icy. I left for St. Petri at 7:10 am for a 8am service. The drive usually takes 35 minutes. Today it took almost an hour because of the ice.

After St. Petri's worship service the roads were good down to Goodridge. But Pennington County doesn't seem to want to send anyone out to salt or plow the roads in our area. Perhaps they are concerned about the safety of their drivers. I hope that's the reason.

At Oak Park we had a confirmation service for Nitro C. and my son, Matthew.

Of course, we had to put together a family photo on the occasion.

I'm so glad that Jeremy could be here, and we could get a family picture. Yes, these are all Mary's and my kids. Jeremy, the oldest, is off at school; staying with his grandparents. The rest are here at home.

Could you cook a meal for them? Mary and I can. Of course my mom can. But so can Matthew and Louisa!

Each time I look at and hold one of my kids my heart prays a prayer of thanks that I am so privileged to have these wonderful people as my children.

My parents, Matt's grandpa and grandma are two of my three favorite persons. Matt might like to think that he is one of the three. But he's not. I like his Mom more than him. I hope that he understands why that is so important.

Congratulations on your confirmation, Matt and Nitro. God bless you both. And may you both come to the Table of the Lord often.

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