Friday, May 23, 2008

A Week Ago, Friday, being careful

Last Friday I began a few lessons in being careful. First was the haircut I had Clara give to me. Yep, a mowhawk. She evened out the haircut after I took the picture. She was really proud of the mowhawk and wanted the world to see it.

Typically I keep my hair short. The little kids can't pull it if they can't grab it. I suppose some of you would rejoice to see my hair long like it was in college, whether buffed up with mousse like Duran-Duran or hanging greasily down to my shoulder blades in a pony-tail. Maybe some day I will scan these photos in.

But last Friday we went fishing. We caught nothing. There was a dust storm going on. The wind was strong. Most of us had colds. Louisa, Matthew, Elsie and I did have an enjoyable time. We tried the Red Lake River at the River Valley Bridge.

I even managed to get a fairly decent shot of Matt and Elsie fishing. But back to being careful. The wind was 30 mph and gusting up towards 45 mph. Several times we were nearly blown into the river.

I didn't mention in the last post, but we had Worship and Sat. School at Mt. Olive. Three worship services on Sunday were held at St. Petri, Oak Park, and Nazareth.

It's been cold in the morning. And I can't remember if it was last Sunday or the Sunday before, but we had record low temperatures. My car door was frozen shut.

Bernice O. was at church in Naz. She's recovering from her shoulder replacement surgery. Thank you to all who have prayed for her, and please continue to keep her in mind when you pray, along with the rest of our recuperating and shut-ins.

Skip to Monday, we had Winkel at Lengby. All but one of the Circuit's pastors were there. I presented a lengthy paper in the afternoon. I benefited from the papers presented by the other pastors in the morning and the discussion of my paper in the afternoon.

After Winkel, Mary, the kids, and I stayed at Pr. and Mrs. Staffords' for some family together time.

Pr. Stafford and I went fishing down at Spring Lake Park. Then we went up to their house to grill chicken (no, we didn't catch any fish).

I use a shallow, square, grill; Pr. Stafford has a deep round Webber grill. After starting the charcoal we went out to check. The wind was just wrong. When I opened the grill there was a plume of hot smoke that hit me in the face. No, I was not close to the grill. It was just an accident. My eyelashes were caramelized. My left eye was a bit stuck shut from the eyelashes becoming entangled.

So, beware of grills you're not used to.

The chicken was good. But, Amy, your dinner was great.

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