Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wed. School and Visits

Wednesday was full of pastoral writings and fatherly attention. We held our second to last Wed. School. Next week we have a picnic. But the kids still have to show understanding of their memorization assignments.

I have to say that it has been a lovely week: especially considering the blizzard during the last weekend of April. Mary and I have extended our distance and speed on our daily (or nearly so) walks. We keep reciting to each other "Keep your tummy tucked." "Keep your shoulders back." "Keep it quick." But we stop at badger holes, geese, and funny little tracks in our path.

Thursday I did shut-in visits in Thief River Falls. 2 of my shut-ins weren't home. Evelyn was so deeply asleep I couldn't rouse her. The others were fine. Cora, who has severe memory problems, was doing very well today.

I got home in the afternoon and spent time with the family. This evening I've been working on a paper for Winkel.

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