Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday Morning CBS Early Show

My son, Jeremy, my Mother and Father, and my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Frank went on a school trip with Echo Charter School to Boston and New York.

Thursday morning they were on the CBS Early Show.

Arlan Tivoed the show for us, thanks, Arlan.

That's Anna F. holding the Echo Charter School sign. And that's my Mom in the middle!

One of the commercials just before this segment was for Crest teeth whitening strips.

And it looks like they've got a package on the set for someone.

So they introduce Echo Charter School. And who do they interview? My Mom!

Reporter: "How many people live in Echo?"
Mom: "Around 300."
Reporter: "How many are here?"
Mom: "I think it's about 77."
Reporter mumbles "300 minus... that's half the town here!"
Remember, his field is journalism, not mathematics.
Reporter asks some more things,

and then he gives my Mom the Crest Teeth Whitening Strips.

Then the reporter tries to grab my Mom's chin, almost ends up picking her nose. And both the reporters say what a nice smile she has, and how she doesn't really need the Crest product.

Be grateful, Mom. The commercial after this segment was for laxatives.

They're all supposed to be home now this Friday afternoon. It sounds like they had a good time. I'll have to get them to write about it.

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