Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Catching-up

Friday morning I went to Bemidji, Bernice O. had shoulder replacement surgery. I'm finding that my congregations have quite a few members with John-Deere parts in them. I tease them about being Steve Austin or Jamie Sommers. But those Hollywood shows showed no concept of rehabilitation after such traumatic surgery. Bernice was doing well after surgery. The Morphine helped. Her daughter, Cheryl, was there. After a devotion and prayers I went to see Ruby. But Ruby T. was not home. GRRR. Actually, I'm glad that Ruby has a son-in-law who visits her and takes her out to eat so often. It's just that with a parishoner who has memory problems, phone calls to plan visits don't work too well.

I found out from Bernice and Cheryl that Bernice's brother Forest is facing some new serious medical issues. He has fluid around his heart and possibly a spot on his lung. Please keep all our shut-ins in your prayers. I'll try to get to Forest and his wife, Betty, this next week.

I got home in the afternoon on Friday and did some work on sermon prep and preparing and planning for VBS.

Saturday was the Mt. Olive Bake Sale. I took Louisa and Elsie there to help out. I took Clara and Sophie with me for shut-in visits down in Fosston. We saw Esther R., two other residents Myrtle and Myrtle (yeah, that's for real) decided to listen to the sermon and devotion. Clara and Sophie found a few new fans, since I had them sing two hymns from memory.

We got home Sat afternoon. The kids had me play a couple of games of "Capture the Flag."

Sunday we had worship at St. Petri, Oak Park, and Nazareth. It was Pentecost Sunday and Mothers' Day. I included an emphasis thankfulness for God's providence through Mothers in the prayers. As well as prayer that all mothers, as sinners, need the forgiveness of Christ. But I preached on Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Monday I took most of the day off. But I needed to work on a paper for Winkel for a while.

Tuesday I had shut-in visits in Thief River Falls. Matt and Louisa wanted to be dropped off at their friends' place. So I dropped them off on the way to TRF and picked them up on the way back.

Since last Friday my son, Jeremy, and my parents have been on a trip to New England. Jeremy's school organizes a trip to teach about the Revolutionary War. They take the kids to the locations and such. So Mary sent my mother's Mothers' Day card to her at the hotel where she would be. We hope she got it. And we hope that they and Laurie and Frank are having a great trip.

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