Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

Monday I took as a day of rest, well, most of it, anyway. Bernice O. will have shoulder replacement surgery this coming Friday in Bemidji. Please keep her in your prayers. I spent a great deal of time cleaning yard, garage, and office on Monday. The results of which might not be so apparant to outside observers. But what matters is how the results apply to me and mine, right?

I've also got one of these new dumb ideas about building an adobe or brick wood oven outside. All Mary can do is roll her eyes. Well, really, she's not that sarcastic. She really is quite supportive in all my wing-ding experiments. So I also had the kids help me gathering rocks from the field. Matthew, Louisa and I shot clay pigeons on Monday. That was fun. Louisa is starting to get the feel of the shotgun. She'd been begging to do this for a couple of weeks and was very disappointed when the snowstorm hit last weekend. I had said that we could shoot clays when Jeremy was here. But even Louisa didn't think it was a good idea to try such a thing when a snow storm was raging.

But we got to do it Monday. And the farmers were out tilling the earth. Fresh cut ground. I know that those who've grown up in towns and cities can't relate to this. But the smell of fresh cut earth is so remarkable and wonderful in the spring. All of you who are displaced farm kids can probably relate. I can imagine that some of you drive out to the country side this time of year just to sniff the air.

And with that comes allergies!

The Poplar trees have been blooming the past couple of days. That's nothing much to look at, just some fuzz in the bare upper branches. But it is a harbinger of warmer days to come. So, allergies to anything sending out pollen this soon after snow will cause some problems to many people.

Tuesday I did shut-in calls to Erskine and Crookston. Lyle was very sleepy. Gerhard was doing very well. Alvera had a difficult time today. Total mileage for the trips was around 140 miles. Maybe you readers down in Southern Texas have further to go for a few shut-ins, I wish you the best at them. Each of these shut-ins I visited today have some serious memory problems. I think that Lyle and Alvera have Alzheimer's disease. I don't know what Gerhard has, but sometimes his memory is very poor. Please keep them in your prayers.

I got home in the afternoon and spent a lot of time with the kids. Mary was feeling ill today and needed to rest. I had some of the kids help me move some clay over to the fire-pit and work on making a small wood oven. Yeah, I'm pathetic when I have an interest. And that reminds me, Juul and Anabelle, I'm coming over this week to pick up the forge you have. I cleaned, tilled, and re-stoned the fire-pit today. What amazes me is that I am so lethargic. Yes, I am over 40 years old, but I think that I should still be able to do much more work than my body wants to do.

Mary made a very good chorizo/venison supper with hash-browns and green beans. She had to go back to bed because she's still feeling sick. I played with the kids through the evening. Now that they're all in bed I'm posting this and working on two papers for our Winkel on May 19 and for our Circuit conference on June 1.

Incidentally, I got a bit of tooth in my supper tonight. I thought at first that maybe one of my teeth had broken. But no, it was a bit of tooth that came in the chorizo. I love chorizo. My family likes it quite a bit as well. The tooth fragment hurt quite a bit when I bit into it. It all goes to show that when you don't make your own sausage, you eat what someone you don't know put together. I'll still get the same brand of gluten-free chorizo. But I'll bite down a little less hard in the future.

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