Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jeremy comes home

Friday, May 30th, my parents came bringing my eldest son, Jeremy, home. It was great to see him get to know his sister, Donna.

It was wonderful to have Mom and Dad here this weekend.

They played together in so many ways.

I asked some of the kids to gather Dandelion blossoms. I've got a batch of Dandelion wine setting in the basement. This was for Dandelion pop/soda.

So most of the kids went out to gather a bunch of blossoms in the hope that they could taste something good.

I've never made an old fashioned soda before, so this was a bit of an experiment for me.

I followed a recipe that I found.

The kids helped me pick, cook, and bottle the Dandelion pollen for the soda.

Here's how it works. I did one gallon. I took the gallon of Dandelion flowers and washed them in one gallon of water. I put this through a strainer to remove the leaves and bugs. What remained was a yellowish water with the pollen. I warmed this to 180 degrees F. and added 1 pound of sugar. When this had cooled to about 95 degrees F. I put in the yeast. I stirred this until it was well mixed and then put the brew into bottles and sealed the bottles. The bottles sat on their sides in on top of our refrigerator for 2 days (so they could stay warm). The yeast grew and put out CO2. Then I refrigerated the bottles standing up for 5 days. We drank the soda at Jeremy's and Audrey DeR.'s birthday party at Audrey's home. I thought it tasted a bit yeasty, but everyone else seemed to like it.

Saturday I had worship with Communion and Saturday School at Mt. Olive. My parents attended Mt. Olive because they wanted to go home early Sunday morning.

In the afternoon our younger children were playing with dominoes. The wanted me to take a photo of the Church they had made with the dominoes.

I was amazed at their skill.

Somehow they had been able to learn how to create a dome that would support extra weight. How is this for a physics class for home schooled children.

It was also necessary to mow the lawn on Saturday. Since Jeremy has been out-of-the-loop in household chores during the school year, we needed to get him in to the groove for our family.

I was able to fix the broken push mower and the broken rider. Jeremy and Matthew worked together pretty well as a team to finish off the front yard.

And then we came to celebrating birthdays.

We have quite a few birthdays in June. My brother, who died 4 years ago, was born on June 1. Jeremy was born on June 6. My mom was born on June 7. My maternal grandfather was born on June 7. And my wife, Mary, was born on June 13. There are other June birthdays, but this is more than enough. so we had a gift exchange while my folks were here. It was a nice day outside.

It was wonderful to have Mom and Dad here. And I am so glad the Jeremy is home now.

I have to wean him from his computer over the summer and teach him how to make his own way in work.

That might need more than a bit of prayer. Thanks for keeping us in yours.

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