Friday, May 02, 2008

From Sunday to Friday, with all the cold.

You know, Global Warming advocates are pooping their pants right now. The problem is that this winter has been soooo cold throughout the world. If you're interested in the political mumbo jumbo for the southern hemisphere during their last winter look here. For a bigger picture including the northern hemisphere look here.

This is what I know. This photo was taken yesterday, May 1.

I know from talking to my old-timers that there has been snow in July. And just two years ago we had a killing frost in August.

All I want you to know that I care about is that whenever a government official proposes some new regulation or tax based somehow on "Climate Change" is that this particular official thinks that elected politicians who depend on popularity can somehow get more money for their campaigns and more government control. If you want to know how Hitler got into power, look closely at the idea that Government can somehow solve your problems.

Anyway (how I hate using that word in a post), this week was very busy: both with obligations to home and parish. I tried to take Monday off, but ended up working for quite a while. Arlan gave me a new computer to use for the parish. It didn't have hard drives, but I had those. Tues. I went to Thief River for some pastoral and family obligations. Wed. Dawn and I held Wed. School. Thurs I did shut-in visits in TR. I caught LouElla A at supper with her son, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law is grieving the passing of her husband. Please keep Alvera O. in your prayers.

Another shut-in wasn't home. I know that's ironic. But it happens quite a bit.

I took Matt and Sophie with me on the visits. We went to pick some things up at WalMart and met the grand daughter of one of the shut-ins I'd tried to visit.

Friday I worked on sermon and the new computer. Then I went on visits. Mildred N. is home now. She got home Thursday. She and Oscar are doing well. I couldn't catch Norris H. at home. But Ernest L. was doing fine-but for a sore hip. Please keep my shut-ins in your prayers.

The forecast is for snow tomorrow. We've company coming after worship at Mt. Olive.

God bless you all, and Good night.

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