Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A few piano recital pieces

Here are the first three of the several pieces I recorded at the kids' piano recital. I realize this isn't for everyone. Tough. It's my blog.

I'm sorry my camera isn't very good at low light video. And the audio is pretty bad too. But, come on folks, this is mostly for sentimental family and friends. So just skip this post if it's too much.

First is Mary and Clara playing "We Three Kings" as a duet.

Second is Matthew and I playing "Rockytop" as a duet. Sorry I messed up a bit there, Matt.

Third is Elsie and Holly V. playing "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain."

Editing these videos and uploading them takes some time. And that's only when I have some time to put toward this rather than Family or Parish work. I have more edited now. I'll upload them as time permits.

Again, I'm sorry for the low quality of the recordings. But I hope the sentimentally interested don't mind.

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