Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy week ending with a VBS Meeting

Sorry for being so late with this post. I've had a lot of driving to do. Monday we held Rose M's Memorial Service at Oak Park. After the service I went to Grand Forks to see Brad N. At that time he was recovering, but they weren't quite sure what was causing the heart attack. They think he had a blood clot in an artery in his heart. They think there is some damage but need to assess that with a stress test when Brad is able to do one.

I took Matthew with me for the visit. Lana, Brad's wife, was there. We had a good visit and I served them Communion.

Tuesday I tried to take a day off, but had some VBS prep to do. Wed. morning I took Brad's mother to GF so she could see him. This was the first visit that we could arrange for her. I got home late-afternoon and did some clean-up in the garage. Brad had an MRI that lasted through the morning. He had another heart attack, I think it was Monday night. The doctors put a stint in one artery in his heart that was partially blocked. But they didn't think that this explained the heart attack. Thus they wanted an MRI.

I don't know what the results of the MRI are at this point.

Kim, Barb, and Todd C. stopped by and dropped off a generous gift of wild asparagus. Thank you so much. We grilled it. It was way yummy. (Maybe this was the night before. At this point in the week when I'm writing it's kind of hard to sort out when some things happened.)

Thursday morning Stella climbed in bed with Mary and me and I woke up with a bad neck-ache at 4:30; put her back in her bed; and wrestled with inability to sleep until 5:30. I got up and commenced to fixing lawn mowers.

I tore our inoperative push mower completely apart, cleaned the parts, put it together, and it worked. "Yea me!" (London Tipton). 8am breakfast with the family. 8:30, Matt was off to the neighbor to help out with yard work. I set to finishing up work on the riding mower. Around 10:00: Success! I cut up some rebar for a garden project Mary was doing for my asparagus patch. And Noon meal.

In the afternoon Mary and I went to get groceries.

This evening Laura and Ione came for the Vacation Bible School teachers' meeting. Thank you both.

VBS starts Monday. Keep Brad and his family, and our VBS kids in your prayers.

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