Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole lotta stuff

Since Monday was a church business day, with Winkel in Audubon; with Sunday being so full of all kinds of work-Tuesday was my day off this week. What does a Confessional Lutheran Pastor do on a day off? Well, I tried backing a handmade bow with fiberglass. That failed. The fiberglass hardened fine, but it didn't stick to the wood. So I'll have to do some more research so I can get it right.

Gene and Nancy gave us a nice load of hay bails. Mary, the kids, and I have finally towed them over to the north edge of the garden. We're using some for the garden, and we're using some for a backstop for pistol shooting.
When we got the bails stacked, Mary got her Bersa Thunder .380, I got my Springfield XD 9mm and we shot sets of 5 at paper plate targets at various ranges. I am amazed at Mary's accuracy with her lightweight pistol. Maybe it's a "girl thing" but she handles that wild little handgun very well. For me? Well, from 30 feet and shorter I can keep a grouping within 3 inches.

I remember that Wade B. asked me one time after church(Wade's a Law Enforcement Officer and member at one of my congregations) how I was doing in my shooting. I'm fearful that I misled him. I think I said "yards" when I meant "feet." Wade, I can keep a tight grouping at 25 feet, not 25 yards. That's a big difference. I'm sorry that I said the wrong word. My brain was on hold. I was so amazed that you were so surprised at my accuracy. Well, my accuracy isn't what I said. I'm lucky to hit a paper plate at 25 yards with my handgun.

Tuesday was also filled with cleaning (garage and elsewhere) and wrestling and reading to the kids.

Wednesday morning we packed up the family and went to the thriving metropolis of Thief River Falls. I have to say that I like this little city quite a bit. Having a dozen shut-in members living here means that I visit it often. I've gotten to know Bruce and Denise H. at Johnny's Cafe. They serve a good gluten free chile that needs a bit of zip for me, but is fine for most of the Norwegians in the area. And Shirley and her husband do very well at serving a gluten free Chinese dinner.

Well, we didn't go to Johnny's or to Shirley's today. I recently became a member of the Pennington County Sportsmens' Club, so I took the family out to see the facilities. Another member was out at the Pistol Range. I think everyone liked the facility. Actually, Elsie, Matt, and Louisa were more intrigued by the dead animal in the drainage ditch as we entered. But I hope that I can hold the Clearwater Parish Shootout at the club this Autumn.

After driving through the club we went to Mary's and the kid's haircuts (next door to Johnny's Cafe, and Bruce H. waved at us as we arrived--one of the reasons I like this little city). Matt and I went to Ace Hardware and picked up some 3/8 inch copper pipe and endcaps. I hope to make a few firepistons with these. Here's video on making a firepiston out of a maglite.

After the haircuts we picked up a few things a wally world, and went home. This afternoon Dawn and I taught Wednesday School.

Mary had a great supper prepared. It was already about 8:30 when we were done. My Dad called afterward. My mom's father, Grandpa K. was airlifted to to Methodist Hospital in the Twin Cities this afternoon. We're not sure of his situation yet. Grandpa and Grandma K. have visited us several times up here in NW MN. Grandpa is a veteran of WWII, especially o the battles at Tarawa and Saipan. My Dad thinks that Grandpa may have an infection, but we won't know for a while. Grandpa K. has spoken to our Clearwater Youth Group about his experience in WWII at a few of our meetings over the past half-decade. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tomorrow I have shut-in visits up in the Grygla area. I hope my "shut-ins" are home.

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