Monday, April 07, 2008

Thaw; Baptism; Confirmation

The snow is going away. This past weekend we were threatened by a possible storm. Most of it went south of us.

Saturday we had Worship at Mt. Olive. I had three versions of my sermon ready for Good Shepherd Sunday this weekend because, of the four services, there was a baptism at one, and a confirmation at another. I thought it would be more appropriate to tailor the sermons at those two congregations toward those events.

We started Sunday out at Oak Park with Communion, then to Nazareth for Eli M's baptism. Eli's family is so wonderful. I wasn't able to stay for the meal because of the third worship service at St. Petri. Please keep Eli in your prayers and thank God for the wonderful gift of forgiveness and faith in Christ through God's covenant in Baptism.

At St. Petri it was time to let Shane know that I'm through with him in confirmation class! It sure is good to have him as a student. He always knows his work, even when he thinks he doesn't.

Now, he is ready to take responsibility for his own self-examination before the Lord's Supper. May God keep him through this life in the Means of Grace. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

Evelyn G. was hospitalized over the weekend. She had severe pain and then a serious reaction to the medications that were given to her. She seems to be recovering fairly well. Please keep her in your prayers.

Mary asked me to stop and take a photo of this house. There's a mystery of imagined memories around houses like this. What stories surround them? They once held a family, possibly several families, for generations. Now they are empty and decaying. A good reminder that we have no permanent home here in this world.

But we do have a permanent home with God the Father in the Resurrection of the Flesh because of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

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Anonymous said...

I too, love old house. I do the same thing....I carry my camera in my purse, to take pictures of old houses, barns, etc., from days of past gone by. I too, wonder of the children that played there....the women and men that worked hard....the sicknesses they endeared....and how they each taught their children of God's world. Time is ever so short for all of us. As all the funerals in our family tell.
Thank you for sharing that picture!
RaeAnn Pittman