Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring and Swans

Swans: Tundra and Trumpeter come here each spring. So, Spring is here. I'm sure that we will have another snowstorm soon, but still, Spring is here.

It's a nice feeling. Getting out without a coat or parka rated to -20 degrees F.

The Sandhill Cranes have started to arrive up here. We can hear their whooping call all day.

The faith plods on. We have members that have new and old diagnoses of Cancer and whatever disease you want to bring up. But the members endure because of Christ's endurance on the Cross. This He gave to them in their baptisms.

Arminians of every stripe will have a hard time figuring out the last point. But it is simply this. God's Word is His Word. He does not go back on His Word. Since He made the Promises in Absolution (John 20), Baptism (Mt. 18), and the Lord's Supper (Mt. 26, I Cor 11) we trust him. Unlike the Arminians, we think God can hold true to His Promise.

Happy Spring. You should, perhaps, study Jacob Arminius and Charles and John Wesley.

But the main issue is whether or not there is such a thing as an ability to decide for Christ.

Lutherans deny this simply because the Bible speaks so strongly about the inherited sinful nature. Arminians hope that humans can do something positive by which they could save themselves. So their salvation is no longer by the Grace of God Alone.

And that is sad.

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