Saturday, April 26, 2008

Snowstorm at April's End

March came in like a lion (it's not just the weather but the van transmission that counts), and April went out like a lion. There's a 3 foot snowdrift in front of my office door.

Thursday one of my two visits in the Grygla area wasn't home, so I rescheduled the visits for next week and worked on my sermon. Friday I got the May calendar done for the newspapers; and Jeremy, Mom, and Dad arrived. Grandpa K was released from the hospital. It seems it was over exhaustion combined with acid reflux. But with a man of his age and medical history they can't take any chances. We're all thankful that he's doing well. We're sad that he and great Grandma couldn't be here with us. But we're glad they're well and recovering.

Alyssa got the bulletin done. I came over late to the office to memorize the sermon and print calendars.

It was snowing.

Saturday morning I was up early and got a phone call, "Ya look outside yet?" "Yep." "The Highway Patrol has closed the roads, can you call Shirley to tell her there's no church today?" "Yep. I'll call the radio station too." So, no church or sat. school at Mt. Olive today. I couldn't have gotten out of the driveway.

I played a few songs off of our Christmas CDs, and worked on fixing Jeremy's computer.

Mary and Louisa made some great meals.

Now I'm over here at the office reviewing the sermon for tomorrow. Nazareth canceled for tomorrow. The roads won't be plowed in time. So I have St. Petri and confirmation at Oak Park.

I checked my messages a bit a go and Paul McCain has a funny video on his blog that some of my readers won't know about otherwise, so here it is. Paul doesn't comment on the video. I think it captures quite a bit about what I dread in listening to sermons.

Enjoy! And be comforted! You won't get any of this here at Clearwater.

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