Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photos on the way home on Monday

What does it look like to travel from Detroit Lakes, MN, to Oklee, MN? Yeah, I bet a whole lot of you are wondering.

While I'm listening to one of my favorite albums ("The Trinity Sessions", by the Cowboy Junkies) you have to look at some pathetic photos I took on our way home form Winkel on Monday.

The Winkel was at Audubon, MN, this is 7 miles west of Detroit Lakes, MN on highway 10.

After going out of Audubon through Detroit Lakes (Who wants to see another picture of billboards and Wall Mart?) we went north on Mn Hwy 59.

We went through Callaway first.

Ogema was our next city. It's kind of an ironic name "city". The photo captures Ogema very well. It's one of the cities in the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. It's not big. But MN's definition of a "city" is not how big it is. What matters is its articles o f incorporation.

We drove through Waubun. But I didn't get a good photo for that city.

Next was Mahnomen. Mahnomen is south of Bijou, Winger, and Erskine.

Usually when I'm visiting shut-ins I'll stop at Erskine for fuel. Today we just drove by the Win-E-Mac gas station.

There are a number of road obstacles while driving Mn 59. Wilde life like moose can stop a vehicle pretty quick.

The Amish are another highway distraction. The little horse and buggy sign is a problem here.
It is hard for me to think of a visit to a shut-in south of us that doesn't have to deal with some Amish, Mennonite, or Hutterite establishment.

But when got to McIntosh, MN, the problem was an old pickup truck with O2 on board.

After McIntosh we had clear sailing to home. I did take more photographs from there. But a very flat land is hard to make attractive. Maybe I'll try in the future.

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