Monday, April 21, 2008

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Some readers couldn't get to the video posted. Here's the url to the youtube page for those who couldn't get it:

Today we had Winkel in Audubon, MN. I presented a summary with comments on Walther's XIth thesis. Pastor Thompson presented a good study on a section of the Smalcald Articles. And Pastor Stafford had a good study of the Historic Lessons for next Sunday (Rogate).

It was a good, but long day. I'm glad that Mary was willing to drive. I wasn't able to stay awake during the drive. I finished up my presentation last night and actually fell asleep at the computer keyboard. I was just like a college freshman trying to get a paper done the night before it was due. I left all my typos in, including a "dddddd" where I fell asleep at the keyboard. I don't crave humiliation, but there are times when being humbled is appropriate. I deserved it.

Matthew spent the day over at Connie and Kelly's working for them. He was tired when he got home. The rest of the kids, from Louisa on down came with us and enjoyed playing with the Thompsons' and the Staffords' children.

Shawn and Amy, send me the letter I wrote last time. I'll get it to you some time tomorrow with a Notary seal. The bit that I have now isn't as good as what I wrote previously. And for whatever reason, I can't find a copy of it on my computer.

Char, I think there are a couple of game sites that would allow Henry and John to play against each other. I'm not sure if John will understand what he would be doing yet. But we can try. He seems to like to fiddle with the games more than actually play them.

Brent W., I know your computer is on the fritz right now and you'll read this sometime later. Knaack-a-palooza looks great. I don't think I'll be able to play guitar that weekend. I have too many other obligations. Remember, the fact that I am a pastor of 4 congregations means that I am fairly busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings. An evening playing music on the weekend is kind of an expensive thing to do, with respect to time and ability to perform my duties. But I look forward to your kind offer to be able to step in and play guitar with with Luck of the Draw.

RaeAnn, I have your tupperware. Thanks for sending so much food to my family. I'll try to drop it by your place when I do shut-in calls up at Grygla next week. I think your home is just south of the 9mile corner. A little west of the tar road. Please post a comment to confirm or correct my information. I won't put it up on the blog unless you want it to be there. It will probably be Thursday when I drop it off.

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