Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Backdating frustration

I just spent an hour trying to post the summary of our vacation.

I'm sorry it's not done. There were some problems with the net and saving to the blog website.

I'll have to rewrite what I wrote-GRRRRR!

I want to catch you all up on the end of our trip. But I'll have to do it as time allows.

In summary, we had fun; we got rested; we got home; Lonny's recovering from his surgery; Darrow had another Chemotherapy and it went well; Darrow's arm is still a problem where the first chemo burned him. Evelyn G. is in the hospital and had a serious reaction to pain medication-please keep her in your prayers; I got my certification as a Minnesota DNR Firearms instructor; I have been teaching this week in a Firearms Safety course in Thief River; Hospital calls; kids who like to hide milk in their toys; finishing an installation of a new light; fixing a diaper changing table wrecked by our toddlers; whatever else.........

Good night.

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