Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thief River, Johnny's Again, Ears

Monday the 3rd was a day off--for the most part. Tuesday I took Matt, Louisa, and Elsie to TR to get some stuff and for a surprise for Louisa.

We left before noon, ate at Johnny's and put a big surprise on Louisa.

When we first went into the salon before going to Johnny's, Louisa thought it was to get Mat a haircut. You can see that he needs one.

Instead I had her pick out earrings for piercing her ears. Then we went to Johnny's

At first she didn't want me to take any pictures of the process, but she yielded to fatherly idiocy.

Now she sprouts her first body modification. Two starter studs.

She knows the drill, twist-em, put peroxide on em, till they heal up.

This is a birthday present for her birthday tomorrow (3/7). Afterward we went to Wally World and got some stuff, including Matt's haircut--which turned out nice.

Also, on this Tuesday the parish carpenters came to start putting in a wall downstairs for an additional bedroom.

This is the "before" photograph.

I had service this evening at St. Petri with Bible study afterwards.

It's still cold.

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