Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Short Vacation part 2 kids museum and lunch

We went to the Children's Museum at Yunker Farm. Clara dressed up in a cow costume and started milking the cow in the Dairy display. We've mentioned Clara the Cow, but we don't tease her about her namesake. Really, she's named after a couple of ancestors. We had no idea that she would dress like this and do this. And she was ecstatic with joy. (Is that redundant?)

Matt, Louisa, Elsie! Do not tease your sister! Jeremy, you know better!

There were so many different things for the kids to do.

We went into the mini planetarium. The ultra-violet light was exciting. The kids were more interested in Donna's glowing outfit than the stars on the roof.

But finding out new and exciting things is what the museum is all about.

Matthew immediately asked how much a UV light would cost and whether he could get one installed in his room.

I'm not quite ready to have him tripping out to UV.

Mary got very involved in the Rube Goldberg device. She's been intrigued in these things since we first went to the Headwaters Science Center the first year we moved up here. Last year we went there also.

There were displays on road construction, puppet theater, bee hives, and all sorts of fun.

They didn't have any live animals. Only dead ones. That's something that sets Headwaters in Bemidji apart.

Their kaleidescope display was excellent.

Donna wasn't able to enjoy the displays. But she sure did enjoy watching her siblings be so happy! Joy is an infectious thing. It's very important to remember such a simple thing when dealing with grown ups. With babies it seems to come naturally. After all, they can only respond to your emotions. But adults seem still have this basic instinct. I think that is a good reason for Lutheran pastors to look at themselves and take a good evaluation of how their own affect effects their congregations.

So many churches today are based on joy that has no real underpinning in the Resurrection of Christ. And too many Lutheran pastors tend to distance themselves from communicating Joy in the Work of Christ for us. Joy is not always happy and smiley. Sometimes true Joy will cause us to break down in tears. It's all wrapped up in the fact that we are both saints because of Christ's work for us and sinners because of our own inherited sinful natures. And a smiling, poopy, giggling baby can show us how simple true Joy really is.

After the Science Museum we went to a Mongolian Grill for Lunch (noon meal to all you midwesterners).

I don't remember the name of the restaurant. It's weird. This is the second Mongolian restaurant I've eaten at since I've developed symptoms for Celiac Disease. The first was Panda Restaurant in Grand Forks, ND. This was my second. It was Hu Hot.

Celiacs should understand that the Mongolian grill is not cleaned really well between different dishes. What you do at a Mongolian grill is select your own ingredients for the grill and put your choice of sauces on the ingredients. Because the grill is not fully cleaned between each dish there could be some gluten contamination. Panda grill in GF throws the ingredients on the grill and walk around the grill full circle and then serve the cooked ingredients. The Hu Hot grill we were at in Fargo put each plate of ingredients in its own section of the grill. The grill was cleaned very regularly. But the cooks used the same tools for all the dishes they cooked. Among the ingredients were wheat based noodles and various sauces that had soy-sauce with wheat as part of their base.

For whatever reason, I did not have a reaction to any gluten. Perhaps it was too minimal for me to have to run to the toilet. But I was simply glad that I could have such delicious food.

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