Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cold, Windy, Dinner

Some people go to extremes of buying special sprays to prevent those flash photo speed traps from getting their license plate. Up here we have a different way to solve the problem.

But, it's not really a problem here. Since we don't have any photographic speed traps.

Just waiting for technology to catch up with us hicks in the northwoods.

Sunday was cold. 20 below F when I got up, but it warmed up to a toasty 17 below for my first service at Nazareth. Then off to Oak Park. Afterwards we all went to Grygla for the St. Petri Community Dinner.

It was very difficult driving. Snowing, Blowing, Zero visibility at times. It took almost an hour to go 35 miles, but we made it in the Van.

I forgot I had my camera with until clean-up time. And there's my John right in the middle of the sweeping.

Afterward we went over to Dawn and Eldon's with a couple of other families and made a nice afternoon.

Actually, I was trying to put off the drive home in this bad weather. I hope that I was good enough company. The conversation was great.

But it came time to pack up our kiddlings and go home.

The sun was setting and we could tell where the road was by where the electric poles were. The sky had cleared, so there was no new snow. But as the folks up here say, "we may not get all the snow they do other places, but we use it a lot."

Long trip home. Bed. Monday's supposed to be a day off. We'll see.

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