Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Catch-up (Backdated)

The week before Palm Sunday and Holy week was event filled as ever. I left off on Friday 3/7 with news about Bert G. I'll fill that in soon.

Sat. 3/8 we had worship at Mt. Olive and Sat. School. I held private Confirmation class with my student who is autistic. I believe he is ready to be confirmed. We have examinations on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday for the Confirmands. Nitro's autism makes this kind of public examination more difficult, so I'll work out something different for him.

The fog in the morning made the drive to church beautiful.

I got home and my kids were eating breakfast. Sophie decided she didn't see any advantage to using a spoon. Suction was her first choice for inhaling her cereal.

I perplex my wife so much. She's been trying to work out a nice post-Lent/Easter getaway for our family. Her main concern is that it be relaxing for me. Of course, there are probably some reasons for self-preservation that she harbors. If I'm worn out, I can't help her with the kids, and she gets more worn out. What was it Bertrand Russel called it? A "Vicious Circle?"

The perplexity comes in when she asks me what I would like. "I dunno?" "Would this idea work?" "I dunno. I just gotta get my sermon done." "Well, let me know if this would help." "OK." Poor Mary. She is so good to me.

We are very much like the Daoist's description of the Yin-Yang in our lives. No, I do not ascribe to Daoism as a religious faith. I just had this photo of our cats in a flower pot as if they were the Yin-Yang. And Mary is my Yin, I am her Yang. Yeah, that sounds funny. I think it's better to describe her as "an help meet for" me. We was made for eachother. And I'm glad God brought us together.

Sunday 3/9 Worship, Worship, Worship, Hospital call. At the second worship service we had the call that Bert G. died.

Monday, 3/10, Visits and Funeral planning. Bert's family has been hit hard this year. Bert's brother Willy died a year ago in December. Bert's daughter, Yvonne passed away this past December. Bert's sister, Ella, passed away a week before Bert.

So the week looks like this: Tues 3/11 Worship and Bible Study at Mt. Olive; Wed. 3/12 Worship, Funeral Visitation with devotion and sermon at TR; Thursday 3/13 Visits in TR, Funeral at Naz, Worship and Bible Study at St. Petri.

That adds up to 8 different sermons in the two weeks from 3/9 to Easter 3/23. But I like preparing sermons.

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