Friday, March 07, 2008

Backdated again...

Yes, I'm trying to catch up to reality. I had a few more members ask about why I wasn't posting as often. "Lent" I said.

So here are some highlights from the end of the week after Louisa's birthday on Wed. Stella couldn't stay awake and fell asleep on a chair. I can't think how this was comfortable in any way. So she must have been tired. She tries to avoid her naps, and it catches up with her later in the day. Her face is pressed against the back of the chair. She fell asleep in a "frozen" position so that her head didn't fall down.

Thursday morning (3/6) was very cold. It warmed up to a balmy few degrees below zero F. by the time worship took place at St. Petri.

After worship was Bible study. It was really yucky driving on ice to get there. Snow had fallen on top of the ice. It was worse on the way home with blowing snow and a strong wind.

The van started dying in the cold so we brought it down to Gary's in Fosston so he could figure it out.

We think the problem might be temperature related. It seems to happen when it's 12 degrees below F. or lower before the engine compartment is warmed up.

Friday (3/7) Louisa, Elsie, and the girls did dress-up. They chose to imitate Mr. Darcey and Jane from the BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice." If you want to know more about that movie just go to Mary's blog in the list on the left column.

Let's just suffice to say that my kids and my wife quote it incessantly. "Why? Pray, should I wink at my daughter?

I went to see Bert G. in the hospital Thursday (March 6). He was not very well. His lungs were starting to fail. As I write this (March 17) many readers know, and others should know that Bert passed away on Sunday morning, March 9. Bert and I had a great visit that thursday with devotions. I miss him. He was such a good story teller and had lived through so much good and evil in his lifetime. We had his funeral last Thursday (March 13). I'll try to post on that too.

Creative cooking sometime during this past week. Shred some potatoes, throw in a bunch of Italian sausage, a few eggs, the left over mashed potatoes and left over ham, a fresh onion, and a bit of whey.

The pancakes didn't last long. All gobbled up fast.

Mary did a nice and considerate thing. She thawed the beef liver so we could have liver an onions for dessert.

The liver was gobbled up too. Mary doesn't like it, and a couple of the kids don't like it. But the rest of us greatly appreciate their willingness to put up with the aroma at the table.

I really can't figure out why some people don't like liver.

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