Saturday, March 01, 2008

An abbreviated summary begins...

OK, this is long overdue. Lent is extremely busy around here. So I'm going back to March 1.

I took a photo of Mary holding her Bersa Thunder .380. I gave it to her for Christmas. This is a gift of a genuinely trusting husband--or so many men have told me. But I liked the irony that that she was holding the pistol and that the camera caught the "Welcome" memento framed on the wall.

Perhaps my idea of humor is a bit twisted. But it tickled me.

Saturday morning, Mary, Donna and I saddled up to go to Mt. Olive.

There was frost out this morning. Maybe I already put up this picture of the trestle bridge in Gonvick. I forget. But I like the photo.

After church I held Saturday School. Then Mary and I went down to Fosston to pick up the van.

Yes, it is done. The transmission was replaced, $1714 worth of replaced. Ouch. But not as bad as a new or used 11 passenger van. (or so I remind myself now... more on that later.)

The frost this week has been very beautiful. And this evening we had worship and Saturday School at St. Petri because tomorrow (Sunday, March 2nd, is their annual Community Dinner at the Grygla Community Center.

Weather predictions didn't look good.

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