Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two Deaths

First, Friday. Mary reminded me that Friday morning we went to Clearbrook to do our taxes. No wonder I didn't remember it. Talk about Freudian repression of memory. But there is a nice thing in Clearbrook. The grocery store has a deli. And the lady that does the cooking there is so wonderfully accommodating to me and my celiac disease. I simply go into the grocery store, pick out a steak, she cleans the grill and grills the steak to my taste with some onions. Yum!

Now on to the sad news. Bert G's sister Ella passed away Friday morning. Her obituary is here. Bert is in the hospital with heart trouble. He's down in Fargo. The complications of my own parish schedule prevents me from visiting until Friday (2/29) this week. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Those of you who read regularly know that Bert's family has experienced a great deal of loss this past year with Adeline's, Wilie's and Yvonne's passing.

And Brian W's grandfather passed away on Monday. His obituary is here. I didn't have the privilege to know Herb. I was able to stop by last Thursday. His family are grateful that he didn't have to experience a great deal of suffering and a lingering death. Please also keep them in your prayers during this time.

Monday, my so-called "day off", was filled with pastoral phone calls and writing. Tuesday I had a bad pain in my neck and upper back. I confess, I slept in until about 10am. And I was mostly worthless in the early afternoon. My wife, Mary, is such a wonderful trooper. I did manage to finish the dishes on Monday before I went to bed. Today I had worship and Bible study at Mt. Olive.

This Lenten Bible study focuses on worship. I'm hoping to finish the study off in a nice booklet that others can use. But the study has a focus on the particular hymnary we use here in our parish. Anyone who uses a different hymnal than the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary will have to rewrite significant portions of the study to make use of it.

Anyway, time for bed. Kim, Barb, thank you for the use of your Suburban while our van is in the shop.

Good night.

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