Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry for the Hebraism in the last post title

"Hebraism" is the use of a word or phrase in English as if it were the same as in Hebrew. The problem was "behind of photographs." I should have written, "behind on my showing photographs."


These photos are from the dinner at Nazareth last Sunday (2/24). The first is of some old guys talking. They don't mind my calling them "old guys" because they are.

But it's nice to be able to sit around and shoot the breeze with members of one of my congregations and community. It helps me as a friend, citizen, and as a Pastor to understand the many things that my members have to deal with.

For example: one of the chief topics of conversation that Sunday was the Bovine Tuberculosis problem in our corner of Minnesota.

Basically, there are two or three herds in our northern area that are affected.
The problem is, as my members see it, the deer population is so huge that it is impossible to prevent the spread of this disease until the deer population is thinned out to a great degree.

Now, how does a pastor respond to that?

A pastor doesn't respond. But a man who is a citizen of this state and country can respond how he wills.

I'm not sure how other Confessional Lutheran pastors see their own role with respect to the civic problems facing their own communities. I know that I do not like the encroachment of state and federal regulation on most areas of life.

By the way, the second photo is of people who were at the Nazareth dinner on Feb. 24th.

And here I caught some of the women who worked so hard and well in providing the dinner at Nazareth. The two women toward the left of the photo are Betsy and Sarah. They have a flock of sheep. One ewe had quintuplets last year.

So, what about the TB scare up here? I wish the DNR would allow us to kill a deer whenever we see one, simply as a pest. More deer are killed by automobiles up here each year than are killed in the hunting harvest.

The DNR has brought in sharp-shooters to, as they say, thin the herd. But it is not enough.

Wherever my members and our community have cattle (and we don't have any huge feed lots like those in western states) the deer are the primary known source of TB.

Enough political junk.

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