Monday, February 18, 2008

More Cold Busy-ness

The dinner at St. Petri on Sunday the 17th had two dishes that were "Pastor Safe." One of them was explicitly labeled so I would know.

It's wonderful how my congregations work to accommodate my celiac disease. Another member made some gluten-free muffins for me. All the GF dishes were great.

The wind started picking up and the temperature was dropping rapidly at about 1pm on Sunday. I left St. Petri for Thief River Falls to do a couple of hospital visits.

It was fairly treacherous traveling. Visibility was down to zero at times. I was hoping that the other drivers also slowed down when they couldn't see.

I got to the hospital to see Emily and her new baby Eli. Isaac and Emily gave me an "it's a BOY!" cigar.

Lots of family braved the weather to visit them in the hospital. I bowed out after 15 minutes to go visit Milan R.

Milan is doing fairly well. He still has the clamp on his ulcer.

By the way, this is Eli's older sister, Chloe, holding him. She keeps calling him by a girl's name. I can't remember it right now. But its funny to hear Emily and her mom, Joni, correct her a couple of times before she gets the right name.

Then, after visiting Milan and having devotion with him on the Forgiveness of Sins in Christ and the Resurrection, I went home through the whistling blistering snow.

The roads were really slick. I saw a van in the ditch with a tow truck trying to pull it out on the way home.

Just remember 5 miles per hour will get you there. Yes, it's slow. But not as slow as getting stuck.

I got home mid-afternoon to get the kids ready for the Presidents' Day Circuit Youth Retreat in Fosston. We had 7 kids from our parish attend. There were going to be a few more, but the Grygla families decided not to travel in the bad weather.

We got to Fosston all safe and sound. Kim and Barb, thank you so much for lending me the use of your Suburban. The retreat started at 5pm. We studied various cults, the occult, paganism, wicca, Scientology, humanism, and atheism.

The retreat goes from 5pm Sunday to noon Monday.

The pastor and kids from Audubon and some of the kids from Ulen couldn't come because of the weather.

I went home Sunday night and got up early to get back so I could lead the 7am exercises.

The temperature Monday morning was -25F. On the way home at about 1pm we saw another car in the ditch that hadn't been there when I went down in the morning.

Everyone was safe and warm at home in the afternoon.

Louisa and Matthew and I slept the afternoon away.

Zack, Nitro, Matt, Louisa, Tricia, Jake, and Noah all were excited about the retreat on the way home.

That's a good sign.

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