Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lent is a REALLY BUSY COLD time here

The last real post I did was on Feb 8. Well, it's the 20th as I'm writing this now.

On Saturday the 9th we had a blizzard. No Church at Mt. Olive.

Sunday the 10th was very cold. We have a -20F policy to keep people from going out when they can freeze to death.

So, basically, I had a weekend off from services due to weather. I continued work on the Bible Study for Lent as well as a number of other projects in which I am behind.

There were several hospital and shut-in visits. Tuesday the 12th we had Lent at Mt. Olive, with Bible study. Wed, the 13th was Wed School, supper, services, and Bible study at Oak Park. Thursday the 14th, shut-ins, supper at St. Petri with services and Bible Study.

Friday I took Mary out for evening dinner for Valentine's Day.

Saturday the 16th services at Mt. Olive, Sat. School, a pastoral visit by the Reservation, and a private confirmation class. Home at 6pm. for supper.

Prep for Sunday.

Sunday the 17th, services at Naz., Oak Park, and then St. Petri with a dinner following.

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