Friday, February 29, 2008

The Last Week of Rabbit Hunting

On Monday, Feb. 25th, I took Matt, Louisa, Elsie, and Clara out on a rabbit hunt.

Matt, Louisa, and I were the hunters. Elsie and Clara were along just for the fun.

We went to some property owned by Rod and Cheryl. We saw a lot of tracks: rabbit, fox, wolf, sharp tailed grouse, mouse, and even pheasant. Many of the rabbit and mouse tracks were fresh: that is, they were made in the previous 12 hours.

But we didn't find any rabbits sitting out and shouting, "Hey, I'd make a great roast!"

We moved over to Dean H.'s land. And we found a jack rabbit.

We were really out of shape for hunting rabbits.

Clara is lying down here at the edge of the snow in frustration for our missing a rabbit that was only about 5 yards away from us.

Matt shot at it with his shotgun. I shot several times with my pistol.

We tracked the rabbit to the woods. We saw it and it ran. But Matt, Louisa and I didn't have a good shot at it. So we didn't shoot.

So we took to the snow. Matt and I tracked the rabbit for a quarter of a mile. Mostly because tracking it was fun.

But we didn't get to see the rabbit again. Matthew was carrying his Remington single shot 20 gauge shot-gun. I was using my Springfield XD-9.

For those who are interested, the Springfield XD is a polymer based frame pistol with steel rail mounts. The slide consists of a striker assembly, barrel, and recoil spring.

This photo shows my Springfield XD-9 field stripped for cleaning.

But on Monday, Feb. 25, it didn't need cleaning.

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