Friday, February 01, 2008

Jaime and Laura's on Thursday

Thursday I had several hospital visits in the morning and early afternoon. I posted what went on a couple of posts ago. But Thursday afternoon we had set aside for a family get together with Jaime and Laura D's. family. Part of this was Elsie's birthday. Part of it was just the fact that Mary and I want to get to know Laura and Jaimie as friends.

I got to their place a little late. They postponed noon meal and were just about to start when I arrived.

Elsie and Audrey D. have become good friends.

I'm pretty sure Laura is reading this. Laura and Jaime, your home is beautiful and even if you don't think so, it is immaculately kept.

The dinner was wonderful. Laura, your kimchi is excellent. And thank you so much for going to the extra trouble of catering to a celiac.

Ruth D. and Stella couldn't do enough mischief while we were there.

I have to say that Jaime's collection of fire-arms is very enviable. Some day I hope to shoot them all.

Alas! We stayed over at Laura and Jaime's longer than we planned. It was a very good visit. We talked about so many important things: Theology, Liturgy, Faith, Children, Family, and our responsibilities as Citizens of the U.S.A. and recipes.

Jaime and Laura are Traditional Catholics. That means that they observe the old Latin Mass and the Roman Catholic theology pre-Vatican II. It is refreshing, as a Lutheran, to talk theology with a Tridentine family who knows and understands their theological tradition. It makes a lot of explanation unnecessary and opens so many doors for fruitful theological conversation.

But not everyone was involved in the theology. Clara D., our Clara and some of our girls (and all of the boys) were more interested in Snowmobile rides, barnyard chores, chickens, calves, cows, pigs, and computer games. David and Forest D. hid in the attic with Matthew while playing computer games.

All of this was last Thursday. So adjust your own reading of this blog to that day.

As I posted previously, there were a lot of hospital visits on Friday.

Saturday we had worship with Communion at Mt. Olive, along with Sat. School. My home visit confirmand's family had other things going today, so our schedules didn't mesh. I spent some of the afternoon and the evening working on Bible Studies for the parish during Lent.

Milan R. is now in Fargo at a hospital there. They have put a clamp on his bleeding ulcer. More than this I do not know, except that his situation is serious. He's in the ICU unit. Please keep him and his family and friends in your prayers. I'll either go down to Fargo or have one of the Circuit pastors see him.

Darrow was supposed to get home today. Honestly, I don't know if he did. Nobody called me about his situation. I had a lot of phone calls today.

Alyssa (the parish secretary) worked with a few volunteers today for Project Linus. Tournout wasn't as good as last year. But they did quite well. If any of you readers in our area can help out with Project Linus, please let Alyssa know.

OK, time for bed. I have church, church, and church in the morning, and a pastoral visit in the early afternoon.

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