Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm behind of photographs

I should have mentioned that on Monday I took Matt, Louisa, Elsie, and Clara out rabbit hunting at Rodney and Cheryl's and in that area. We are a bit out of practice. We were within 10 feet of a jack rabbit when it bolted. None of us saw it amid the broken up snow chunks. And, despite 7 shots from a shotgun and a pistol, he got away.

Wednesday I did some sermon prep for the weekend, held Wednesday School, Lenten Worship, and Bible Study. The kids put on a Soup and Sandwich supper at Oak Park. Mary made the most excellent clam chowder. Oh, Jonah, her chicken rice soup did not have any clam juice in it. I brought home made sauerkraut and kimchi. A lot of people were put off by the aroma of the kimchi. But there were enough takers that half my quart jar was consumed. This batch is pretty good, perhaps a bit too much ginger root. And the texture is not great. I used the Kitchen Aid slicer to do most of the work for me. Really, I'm supposed to chunk the ingredients and pound them to juiciness. The sauerkraut had a fair number of takers as well.

After getting the kids to bed I went back to the office to finish off a couple of things.

Thursday I took off early to do shut-in visits: Annie, Evelyn, Mildred, Marlow, Joyce, Mavis, Milan, Ethel, Cora, and Helen. Of the batch: Mildred, Marlow, and Joyce weren't home when I stopped by. Milan was doing therapy. Helen was having a difficult time with pain. Evelyn is also in great pain and hopes to have a procedure done on her back that can alleviate that problem. Please keep them in your prayers.

I'll try to get the ones I missed and a few others next week.

I left for St. Petri a bit early this evening because of the bad weather. The roads were very slick. We had worship and Bible study. The storm was worse going home. About 7 miles from St. Petri I saw a pickup-truck go into the ditch. I stopped to make sure the driver was ok and was able to get help. He looked like he was going slowly enough, but the roads were very slippery. After he was ok, I drove 30mph or slower the rest of the way home. It took more than an hour.

After my Dec 14, 2006 drive home from St. Petri on icy roads, I was wary of deer.

I got home about 10pm. Everyone was in bed but Stella. She was wrapped in her blanket on the living room floor and whining when I came in. We snuggled for a bit. People who don't have children cannot appreciate how much having a 2 year old hug makes a parent feel. She's asleep now on my pillow. And I'll put her in bed shortly.

God bless, and good night.

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