Monday, February 25, 2008

Fri, Sat, Sun Migraine!!!!


Honestly, I don't remember. I kind-of remember driving to TR with Mary. I suppose we got groceries. It's funny what a person can remember with clarity and what happens to one's memory when that person doesn't think whatever is going on to be important.

Saturday I had church at Mt. Olive, Sat. School, and went to Fosston and Erskine for shut-in visits. I had a couple come from the Twin Cities for marriage counseling in the afternoon.

Sunday three church services, Communion at St. Petri at 8am, no communion at Oak Park at 9:45, Communion at Nazareth at 11am. A dinner at Nazareth and Joni (Emily's mom, Eli's new grandma) made a special batch of beans for me. Thanks, Joni. I appreciate it greatly.

I woke up on Sunday morning with an aura in my (I think) left eye. I knew I was going to have a bad migraine headache. I took the prophylactic dosage of Ibuprofen at about 6am. On my way to my first service it threw up my breakfast on the side of the road.

I wonder, in situations like this, what I really am doing or saying during the church service. The Ibuprofen kept the pain away for a while. But the aura in my eye made me miss steps and made me feel off balance. And, yes, it was hard to read.

I know that there are lots of migraine sufferers out there. Each church service I had one or more people offering me something that they found helped. So I know that several of my members suffer from this type of headache..

I remember that one time I was just done with the Gospel reading at Nazareth and I got an Ice Pick Migraine. I asked the congregation, "Where are we? I just got a migraine." They told me. We continued.

Actually, the best thing for such a headache is a bag of ice on the head, a dark room, and a few hours of rest. Yeah, I mean a bag of ice like those in old James Cagney movies or the "Little Rascals".

I was out until supper.

And I felt much better. During the dinner at Naz. I started to get the throbbing pain while my Ibuprofen was wearing off. I took some of the Excedrine Migraine pills that were given to me that morning.

You know, a headache can make your whole day or even week seem like it was totally un-productive and discombobulated. But I slept well when the sun went down on Sunday. Maybe my migraine messed with my memory of Friday. Maybe not.

But I feel better now. And Monday is new!


Erica J said...

Hi Joe,

Funny that you should post this entry this week. Yesterday I had what I thought was just a bad reaction to some supplements I've been taking, but Jesse thinks it might have been a migraine. It started with some odd vision changes (reading labels while grocery shopping was a trick), and turned into a massive headache. It's happened maybe only once before. Are massive doses of ibuprofen the only answer?

-Erica J.

Joe Abrahamson said...

What really works best for me is a bag of ice on my head, a dark room, and a comfortable bed. I like a product called Bio-ice. I get it at the chiropracter's in sample packs. It's basically a menthol gel. It is, unfortunately, colored a bluish green so that I have to make sure that it is completely rubbed in, otherwise little bluish green glumps appear on my head when I'm in public.

What I experienced in my eye is called an "aura". In my cases it looks like an amorphous ring of a vibrating rainbow. I'm pretty sure it was in my left eye on Sunday. The aura changes size and shape through the duration of the headache. It makes reading very difficult. And it caused me to stumble on steps, especially the diaz in front of the altar during church services.

If I have to be out and perform some duty I'll take maximum of Ibuprofen and the max dosage of Acetaminophen for my body mass. I may be under a serious misunderstanding, but what I have seen in the literature is that these two medicines can be taken at the same time because they act on different systems in different ways.

But both can cause side-effects, including liver damage. So I am careful to wait the full time before a second dose.

But ice on the head, dark for the eyes, bed, and sleep work best for me.

My mom suffered from migraines quite a lot when I was young. She was later diagnosed with high blood pressure and began taking meds for that. Her migraines, as far as I know now, have gone away. But while she was having them we checked out every book we could find that offered suggestions on how to relieve the migraine: from Shiatsu and macro-biotics, to myotherapy and muscle relaxation massage and techniques.

In the past couple of years there was some research to suggest that a dietary supplement of magnesium would help in preventing migraines. I've been taking magnesium for a year and a half as a daily supplement. And I can say that the frequency of my own migraines has decreased dramatically from a couple a month to on every few months.

Since January I haven't been taking my supplements as faithfully as I should, and my two migraines since the new year have coincided with my missing taking my magnesium.

My brother also suffered from migraines from the time he was about 15 years old. I remember one time he said that he was seeing tentacles and monsters during a headache. Probably this was a retinal aura from his migraine.

For him, my mom, and me, we all experienced sensitivity to light during our migraines. Driving in the snowy white winter bright light on Sunday was difficult. I had polarized sun-glasses and pulled my stocking cap down to cover the top of the glasses.

What a long comment in response to your comment!!!

I hope there is some information in here you can use.